About Cara

Dr. Cara Barker has spent over 40 years helping individuals turn their pain and turmoil into stillness – that fertile breeding ground for contagious joy, strength, inner peace, and greater vitality. She’s here to reach those who are curious about learning how to do the same for themselves. Learn about Cara’s journey and be reminded that the process of disappointment and loss doesn’t end with acceptance; the stage of acceptance simply prepares us for deeper connection and collaboration with what helps us thrive. Her work, for close to half a century focuses on what she calls “the Way of Soul;” aligning life with what nourishes body and soul. Join in to explore, and act upon, unexpected opportunity to love and be loved, to create fuller enjoyment of life.

Upcoming Events:

Dr. Barker’s next art show, a retrospective entitled “Journey of the Soul at 70” is scheduled for October 22, 2016, Kirkland WA.  


Dr. Barker recently released her latest book titled The Love Project: Coming Home. Click the "Buy Now" button below to order your copy today. You can also find a number of her other books on Amazon.com, including World Weary Woman: Her Wound and Transformation and The Artist as Poet.