The Love Project: Coming Home

Save the Date!

When:  Sat. Oct 10, 10:30-4pm

Who:  Join us with your friends for something truly special, while space remains, Center for Spiritual Living 

Where: C.S.L., Holmes Room

What: Specializing in ‘The Way of Soul,’ as one of 2500 Jungian Analysts worldwide, Dr. Cara Barker will journey alongside us toward discovering those unique roots of vitality, Truth and joy that bring us back home to that for which the human heart yearns. Her transformational work, for well over four decades, here and abroad, has taught her that every human being longs to be moved more deeply, engaged more passionately and fully, in their relationship to the world.  (See for more.)

What better way to launch the upcoming season?

Rev. Terry Cole-Whittaker, D.D. has said of Barker, “The work Cara Barker is doing to bring our heart and soul forward in everyday living is the most important contribution that can be made in our world today.”  Rev. Dr. Jim Munson was one of her biggest fans.

Tuition: $64 until 8pm Sun., 10/4; $84 after

Suggested reading: The Love Project, by Cara Barker, CSL Bookstore, 2nd edition, 4th printing.



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The Love Project: Love Quilts for Sandy Hook Sibling Survivors is complete and the children have received their quilts! Check them out below. To learn more about this project visit The Love Project tab above.

About Dr. Cara Barker

Dr. Cara Barker has spent over 40 years helping individuals turn their pain and turmoil into Stillness – that fertile breeding ground for contagious joy, strength, inner peace, and greater aliveness. She’s here now to reach those who are curious about learning how to do the same. Follow Cara’s journey here and be reminded that the process of disappointment and loss doesn’t end with acceptance; the stage of acceptance simply prepares us for deeper connection and collaboration with what helps us thrive. Through exploring our current Life Edge as a creative process, required for our own evolution, what appears through the spiritual dimension shows us how to unburden our children from the chore of ‘making us happy,’ or living out our own ‘unlived lives’ for us. It is not enough to ‘get through’ our challenges. But having known that ‘fire,’ we are in a position to use it to advantage, leaving us freed to enjoy life more than ever before.

Join us as we explore, and act upon, unexpected opportunity to love and be loved, to create fuller enjoyment of life.