Love Quilts for Young Girls in Need

When our young confront the harsh realities of life, not only is their pain devastating, but they are left with a toxic secondary wound: a world too busy and full of itself to notice. Loneliness blankets the child in the chilly waters of fear, self-doubt, and despair, which, if left unattended, shapes the rest of life.

The sensitive suffer most profoundly. Losing hope and human connection in the wake of loss, grief, bullying, rape, child trafficking, and the worst abuse of all, neglect. We need connection to flourish, and to heal, much less to ‘go on,’ and grow. While some say difficulty ‘toughens us,’ the other side of the coin is that the price tag is steep. Hearts get hardened to protect against further vulnerability and pain.

The great theologian, Howard Thurman, puts it this way: “harden not my heart.”  Let us harden our hearts no longer to the young who silently endure the pain of those conditions or circumstances that they cannot control.

Call to Action: We are collecting handmade quilts, fashioned from compassionate hearts, to be delivered in the greater Seattle area for our young girls in need. Our request is that each quilt is made mindfully, and lovingly. Your quilt, made solo, or with family and friends, will be delivered by Dr. Barker to schools and hospitals in need. 

Kindly forward this link to those you know and those they know. It takes a village, after all, and we are the village. As Mother Teresa once said: “God is love in action.” May we be this love, through every stitch.

Guidelines: The size of the quilt is small: a lap quilt 40”x60”. The design may be whatever moves the quilter, and connotes harmony. The sky is the limit. However, please add on the back of each quilt “Sweetheart, you are loved”. When completed, please email Dr. Barker at, or phone her at 425-803-0989. Quilts may be mailed to:

Dr. Cara Barker

8011 118th Ave N.E., Kirkland WA 98033

Delivery: Once received at the above address, Dr. Barker will personally deliver them where needed most.