Dr. Judith Rich, speaker, trainer, writer, featured contributor on the Huffington Post

"The Love Project: Coming Home is aptly named, for it is like the Yellow Brick Road that takes the reader to the land of his or her own deepest truths and provides practical guidance for discovering the answers to life’s most profound inquiries. The discovery of who we are, why we’re here, and what our life is for, is an archetypal journey we all must take if we are to, as Cara says, “grow forward.” Yet those who seek very often find themselves feeling stuck or lost along the way. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a manual for getting back on track at times like these? Cara has written the manual. The Love Project is filled with a lifetime of wisdom, culled from Cara’s own journey and that of others who have inspired her. I was struck by how much love poured off the pages. Her message envelopes the reader like a warm blanket on a chilly winter’s eve and illuminates the way home. Clearly, this is the love that Cara Barker brings to her own journey and to those fortunate enough to meet her on the Yellow Brick Road."


Stephanie Dubreil, registered dietician and health researcher Quebec

"What an achievement, this Love Project: Coming Home. As a reader, it is clear to me that not only do I feel I as though you have written it for me, and those I love, but how easy to imagine that this will be the experience of every reader who sincerely wishes to live a better life, and is not afraid to participate in that shift. The Love Project reads as if I were talking to you and sharing wonderful times. I take a piece at the time, everything touches me in it. Truly, reading it is like treasuring something so rare and priceless in our world."


Testimonial for The Love Project: Coming Home Book. By: Pat Whalen

"Thank you full-heartedly! The book surpasses any expectations I may have had, with your beautiful paintings, illustrations and clear “instructions”…a treasure chest of precious wisdom gems formed from your own experiences and encounters with others. I feel humbled and honored and overwhelmingly grateful. The depth of love you bring to myself and to all whom you touch online and elsewhere is phenomenal. You truly live a life of purpose! I foresee that The Love Project: Coming Home will be my companion for months to come. There is ‘work’ to be done, and already I am touching soft spots within myself which I have hitherto kept well fortressed."


Elisabeth Kubler Ross, M.D., pioneer in death and dying, multiple author

“Dr. Cara Barker’s work is a testimony to the power of love at work in the world through self-less service. Her work with those who suffer, be it patient, family, or care-provider, rates among the best. She walks the walk, and is a blessing for our world.”


Sir Lauren VanderPost, multiple author, confidant of C.G.Jung,Godfather of Prince Charles

“Cara Barker is a messenger for our times, and global citizen who understands the imperative of love, community, and the power of living from one’s depths, transforming consciousness from it. Carl Jung would be proud.”


Helen Luke, founder of Apple Farm

“Through Cara’s voice and writing, the Spirit of Dr. Jung is alive and well. She exemplifies that sort of feminine principle at work in the world, which does not seek recognition, but rather, the healing born of true relatedness, and its beautiful spontaneity. Without this as a presence in the world, we are surely headed for a downhill slide….”


Tami Simon, Founder/Publisher, Sounds True

“Cara Barker leads with warmth and heart. Her words area medicine that inspire people to soften and trust the unknown.”


Wendy Miller, PhD, Co-Founder Create Therapy Institute, and Gene Cohen, M.D., Director of the Center on Aging, Health, and Humanities, George Washington University

“We have heard Cara Barker present and speak on numerous occasions for various associations and conferences, and she is always received with great enthusiasm, respect, and high regard. She is not only a wise clinician, but she is one of those rare speakers who is able to translate complex material into real language that not only informs but touches your heart. She is an outstanding national speaker and writer.”


Ed and Deb Shapiro, author of 15 books, including the best-seller, Be the Change

“It is a joy and honor to have Dr. Cara Barker in our life. She is truly compassionate as well as a genuine Wise Woman. Cara’s writings are among the best. She upliftsthe reader, and makes them feel good about themselves, bringing us each back to the fact that who we are as unique individuals is the best foundation for the change we can makein the world.”