Cara teaches people creative spiritual practices to enrich and enliven life. What she knows for certain is that if we are ever to transform the conditions of this world, we must begin to transform the conversations we are having inside our own heads. Dr. Barker's purpose is to help you see that who you think you are is only the tiniest fragment of the truth. You are necessary, and your gifts essential. Without you, without your talents and abilities, we simply cannot turn this world around in a better direction.

We are a creative, spiritual community of compassionate, joyful individuals dedicated to making the world a better place, not only for ourselves, but for our children’s children. This, however, will take our learning to be much more compassionate with ourselves. It all gets down to love. We are not only seeking. We are sought. Cara is on a mission to help you get more out of life than ever before, touching the lives of others in even more deeply satisfying ways. This relationship sets into play improved conditions in your environment as you discover the secret conditions to your own evolving joy of life and the activity that forwards it. Said the 14th Century mystic, Meister Eckhart:

“….give up all ‘whys’ and follow the thread that fascinates and delights the heart.”

Putting Mother Teresa’s Wisdom into Practice

Cara has always been fascinated by people willing to hear and honor their own Call, and support this in others. Many years ago, Cara heard Mother Teresa say the following to a fresh batch of young nuns who had come to the Motherhouse in India, weary from the journey:

"When a woman is called by God, she knows it. She's felt God's touch on her shoulder, and she knows. She may not know what to do about it. She may be confused. But she knows. When this happens, she must respond with her whole heart, in joy, and in love. If you cannot do this, if you cannot feel joy and love, then you may as well turn around and go home. There is no point without the love and the joy."