In the Name of Our Children

We have heard “We, the people, in order to form a more perfect union….” as the Preamble to America’s Constitution. It does not begin: “We, the people, in order to form division….” And yet, over the last number of years, much has transpired to create division and chaos. 

Not a day goes by in my consulting room, when I do not hear the consequences of the chaos and rancor on individual lives. Adults worry about the future as never before. But the really disturbing effect this has is upon our children. They worry. They do what they can to escape the unending tension: more attention to screens, drugs, and other avoidance behaviors that disturb well being.

For those who are devoted to the well-being of our children, (ours or anyone’s) and future generations, long after we are dust, I AM inviting you to do whatever you can to correct the situation“in the name of our children.” Were there ever a time to find and use our God-given voices, this is the time

A few possibilities:

1.     Find causes you support and move your feet in that direction.  Get off the couch.

2.     Put your Senators and Representatives numbers and contact info on speed-dial and call them regarding your concerns.

3.      Write them.  Put written correspondence in BIG and colorful envelopes, and register them so the other end pays attention.

4.     Become the squeaky wheel.

5.     Google what it takes to begin a caucus now.

6.     Initiate change.  Do not wait for someone else to go first.

7.     Attend your School Board meetings and lobby for stress-reduction classes and Mindfulness in your district.

8.     Become a source of safety for children you know.

9.     “       “ “ “ “ “ “ you do not know.

10. Relieve a parent of childcare responsibilities a few hours a month so they can do self-care and clear a space for tension reduction in themselves.

11. Be intentional.  Use your screen less, interact in person more..

12. Release hopelessness and fear, (which change nothing) and be in this moment with gratitude.

Our village is bigger everyday.  Get involved, my friend.  NOW is the time.  Let’s be the Love that Called us here.